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I say 'Give us your money' specifically because there's someone who's not doing quite well right now. His name is Clayton Woullard; he's an intuitive empath and was on FreqRes №00008 (which I heavily advise you to hear):

Currently, Clay is being evicted, and he needs to have a place to live. So if you read this blog or listen to FreqRes, I would heavily, heavily advise you to donate to him at his DonorBox.
Speaking of donations, why not donate to my DonorBox? Or perhaps patronise me on Patreon?

But really, it's best that you donate to him.

About to get my blood and, uh, effluvium tested for signs of various things

So…yeah. Yuck.
But, in any case, it's for my own good.
I've been sick for about a month and a half now, and it's about damn time something is done about it.
I'm getting tested for:
  • C. difficile infection,
  • Coeliac disease,
  • Various other gut problems,
  • Anti-nuclear antibody levels,
  • Possibly Lyme again?
  • And probably something to do with something autoimmune (other than coeliac and A.N.A.).
So I'm hoping I get a clear answer within about a week or so about what exactly the hell is wrong with me. I'm not gonna wallow in self-pity so that I can live the rest of my life a vegetable; I just want the diagnosis done so that it can be treated and/or medicated properly and I can continue the Work and live a fuller life.
So as of now, I'm cautiously optimistic. (Éiriú Eolas really does do wonders for the stress; I used to be pretty pessimistic about my overall diagnosis.) I'm expecting that it might be either continued Lyme or some kind of general autoimmune disease which can be medicated to stop the pain, spasms, and fatigue.
Now, I'm off in a second, so wish me luck!
—Eva Gnostiquette

My resolutions

So given that it's New Year's Day, I have some resolutions. I've been thinking, and here they are:

  • Read Gnosis by Boris Mouravieff at least one chapter a day.

  • Practise Éiriú Eolas according to the weekly schedule.

  • Read The Wave by Laura Knight-Jadczyk at least one chapter a day.

  • Observe myself as objectively as possible as often as I can.

  • Absorb negative emotions and use that energy for productive activities.

  • Do some form of cardio exercise (preferably involving the whole body) for fifteen minutes a day.

  • Monitor my carbohydrate intake so that I ingest less than 100 23 carbs per day.

  • Read at least one chapter of The Feynman Lectures on Physics per day.

  • Write at least one page of something per day.

  • Each evening, write down in my diary or on this blog everything that I can remember from that day.

For me, these shouldn't be too hard to accomplish. God willing, I can do it easily!

Eva Gnostiquette

Eva Gnostiquette
My name is Eva Gnostiquette.
I'm a multimedia artist, podcaster, game developer, programmer, and aspiring physicist and neuroscientist. I'm an Oriental Orthodox Christian.
I enjoy reading, music, and various other things. I write about nerd stuff, spirituality, and conspiracy theories, alongside more mainstream politics and science.
I am also a queer trans girl of Jewish, Welsh, Irish, and Scottish descent with Ehlers-Danlos syndrome, OCD, and PTSD.
Please enjoy my blog!


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