A new poetic form: the newddenglyn dwyodl union

I have just invented it, deriving it from a traditional Welsh poetic form called the englyn unodl union (the straight one-rhymed englyn).
Mine is called the newddenglyn dwyodl union, or straight two-rhymed neo-englyn.

The form consists of five lines of ten, six, eight, eight, and six syllables.
The last syllable of the first line introduces the first rhyme and this is repeated on the third line, while the last syllable of the second line introduces the second rhyme and this is repeated on the fourth and fifth lines.
The last word of the first line may alliterate with the first word of the second line, while the last word of the third line may alliterate with the first words of the fourth and fifth lines.

This is an example:

The Thunder of June.
The trees of June invert their leaves to say,
'Some storm is coming from
the East, with thunder; gone is May,
mist, gentle rains with gentle hum:
more lightning, thunder's drum.'
—Eva Gnostiquette

Eva Gnostiquette

Eva Gnostiquette
My name is Eva Gnostiquette.
I'm a multimedia artist, podcaster, game developer, programmer, and aspiring physicist and neuroscientist. I'm an Oriental Orthodox Christian.
I enjoy reading, music, and various other things. I write about nerd stuff, spirituality, and conspiracy theories, alongside more mainstream politics and science.
I am also a queer trans girl of Jewish, Welsh, Irish, and Scottish descent with Ehlers-Danlos syndrome, OCD, and PTSD.
Please enjoy my blog!


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