Chapter 1: Now, Who Do We Think We Are, Anyway‽

Anyone with a brain can see that the world is in a state of disorder. Wars, riots, bigotry, and other horrors cover the face of the planet. Reports of UFO encounters are on the rise. Governments are either dangerously incompetent or dangerously malevolent. The markets are run by people with no conscience. And yet, we just sit back and consume.
Propaganda in the Western world works this way: alternate between fear and mindlessness. Just look at the television (or don't, because it kills your mind). I have the front page of CNN's website open, and here's what I see:
'Trump, Sanders up in New Hampshire'
'2 college students charged in girl's death'
'The 2016 SAG Awards: Red carpet looks and more'

This kind of output lulls the mind into a hypnotic state of aimless fear and wandering. There's nothing important in it.
It's necessary to understand, however, that this is all part of the actions of the Demiurge. The Demiurge is a sort of 'psychic artificial intelligence' with no will of its own which has the sole purpose of restraining all spirits to the Kenoma, the phenomenal world.
With things being as bad as they are, many people want some kind of 'escape'. Escape takes many forms: rationalising one's problems out of view, absorbing oneself into TV or movies or books or games, purposeless travel, etc.. Yet there is only one method of escape that can truly lead one out of the Kenoma and back to the noumenal Pleroma: Gnosis.
Gnosis itself is a process with many steps: ataraxia (loss of negativity), eudaimonia (acquiring positivity), gnosis itself (intuitive knowledge), and henosis (oneness with the Absolute). But before we can understand how to do that, we first have to map it out.
The person is made up of seven bodies with seven corresponding centres. Right now, though, it's best to concentrate on the lower four.

NumberCentreBodyPlaneCircuit (Leary/Wilson)Vibration level
4Rational centrePsychePsychic planeTime-binding semantic circuit12
3Emotional centreAstral bodyAstral planeMoral socio-sexual circuit24
2Genetic centreEthereal bodyEthereal planeAnal-territorial circuit48
1Motor centreMaterial bodyMaterial planeOral-biosurvival circuit96

Each centre also contains a positive half that strives upward toward syntropy and a negative half that strives downward toward entropy. Now, the person is also a hologram; each centre contains the whole. Thus, each centre contains eight sub-centres, four positive and four negative. Thus we have 32 sub-centres in total.
This is where the Persona comes in. Say the Ego is one's true self. In that case, the Persona is the false self. And it's the Persona that takes care of most of one's internal business while the Ego is asleep. Kinda sucks, doesn't it?
The Persona moves back and forth, up and down amongst the sub-centres through various connections between them, each time claiming that it's the real self. These connections number 1024. So you actually have 1024 conflicting, contradictory little 'selves' or 'I's within you!
Imagine the person as a broken motherboard. Each centre is a microprocessor, each consisting of eight integrated circuits. There are transistors connected to each IC connecting them to every other IC on the board.
Extending this simile/metaphor (and probably getting computer hardware basics all wrong), a strong, long conscious effort can solder together every last microprocessor, forming them into a functioning system that connects with all other systems on the planet.
Ultimately, that last bit is the aim of esotericism.

A final note: you've heard this a million times, most likely, but knowledge is power. Knowledge of your own internal computer will help you become the programmer and the metaprogrammer. Knowledge of Universe will help you transcend and unify with it. Knowledge of the Way will give you the very tools you need to reprogram yourself, Universe, and beyond. Respect your fellow persons, respect all the spirits, respect Universe, and respect yourself. The Way is dangerous, and you will be shunned and spat upon. The Demiurge and all of its powers will fight you with all of their strength, but you shall prevail.
And as the Cassiopaeans have said: 'Knowledge protects. Ignorance endangers.'

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