'Social justice', GamerGate, ponerology, and the problem-reaction-solution dialectic

Note: This entry contains discussion of psychopathic actions which may be disturbing to some readers.
It's been about a year and a half since the 'movement' (or, more precisely, mob, or, even more precisely, shitstorm) called GamerGate emerged from the putrid bowels of /v/ and /pol/ and thrust its way into the general consciousness of the online community. Given the antics (by which I mean horrific harassment) they have bestowed on anyone they have deemed to be an 'SJW', let's see what's actually going on with both sides.
SJW (short for 'social justice warrior') is a term that originated around 2009 in the blogosphere as a response to a small group of bitter authors who mob people online for perceived slights (which may or may not be justified) against their brand of political correctness.
Now, 'political correctness' is a ridiculous term in and of itself that has historically been bandied about by socially conservative types in order to dismiss the arguments of anyone advocating for marginalised groups (such as people of colour, LGBTQ+ people, etc.). But here, it's necessary to use, for reasons I shall explain shortly.
The thing that distinguishes a social justice activist from a social justice warrior is the combination of hypocrisy, vigilantism, and a twisted, possibly narcissistic worldview which characterises the latter.
Why hypocrisy? Because to a genuine SJW, bullying, stalking, harassment, and death threats are all right if they're perpetrated against someone who has slighted them. Why vigilantism? Because the ones that don't just freak out over anything that could possibly be offensive to anyone have no problem with that sort of behaviour.
But it's the twisted worldview that brings ponerology into the equation. Lobaczewski wrote about a personality disorder he called 'schizoidal psychopathy', which is an inherited disorder that bestows upon its recipients a conscience that has a bizarre, unreal, and highly self-serving character. In Reich's words, basically the ideal form of the emotional plague, except incurable.
Schizoidal psychopaths have a sort of emotional gravity that pulls those who are susceptible into their orbit. The susceptible may be trauma victims, highly depressed, highly neurotic, or may possess virtually any trait that distorts their perception of reality. Once they're locked into orbit, there is little hope of escape for them. The schizoidal psychopath has the ability to brainwash people slowly into a reality tunnel that is both far from that of the consensus and extremely negative. This is one type of the process of ponerisation.
Now, one might ask, 'What's so bad about SJWs anyway that leads you to conclude that they're either schizoidal psychopaths or brainwashed?' I'll present two examples to consider.
The first is relatively mild: it's a blog called 'Calloutstuck'. As you may know from my blog's subtitle, I'm a nerd. Around the beginning of 2013, I read through the entirety of a (brilliant, charming, funny, and tragic) webcomic called Homestuck. (It's too difficult to summarise here, but I encourage you to read it if you haven't already. It's practically the Ulysses of the Internet.) Quite the sizable (and often intelligent, but sometimes not) fandom has grown around this work. The fans regularly congregate on the blogging platform/social media service Tumblr. Unfortunately, so do many SJWs. So, of course, there's some overlap.
Calloutstuck is a blog that's still active to this day, and is largely despised to the point of being ignored by the fandom. They're mostly known for reblogging posts made by Homestuck fans and supplementing them with vitriolic essays explaining why jokes like 'Terezi is my spirit animal' is horribly offensive and denigrating to Native Americans.
(I actually think jokes like that are in bad taste, but I'll leave it at that. Bad taste. You aren't an SJW if you think mildly offensive jokes are in bad taste, you just have a conscience that adapts to the times. More on that later.)
After a while, their neurosis led to them being completely ignored and long-forgotten by the fandom. But they still blog on in vain, thinking that hostility will help them. Whenever they receive criticism, they deflect it by saying, 'I belong to [minority group], so your argument is invalid.'
The second example is horrifying and disturbing. It is the case of an artist whose URL was zamii070 (her name being Paige). Paige is a fan of a (cute and beautiful) show on Cartoon Network called Steven Universe. This show has the honour of bringing significant LGBTQ+ representation to children's shows, and has a fundamental message of the worth of all life and (despite the awesome action scenes) pacifism. Her art is magnificently done and has been acclaimed by the show's creators (Rebecca Sugar and Ian Jones-Quartey) themselves.
But one time she drew Fluttershy (a My Little Pony character) as a Native American in a fashion that was a bit stereotypical. (She is Latina and of Native American descent herself.) She also drew Rose Quartz (a Steven Universe character) about a quarter of an inch thinner than she's portrayed on the show.
So what was the SJWs' response? Harass and bully her to the point of suicide while she already suffers from depression, anxiety, and multiple physical disabilities. They doxxed her. (Meaning that they leaked her personal information.) They compiled lists of her 'sins'. They sent her death threats. The told her to hurt herself, to drink bleach. They told her to kill herself.
And she tried to do exactly that.
Inspector Javert and Claude Frollo would be proud.
She lived. Thank the Absolute she lived! She's back to making amazing art. But she has trauma from the whole horrific experience. Rebecca Sugar and Ian Jones-Quartey responded with horror and empathy. This was beautiful. The SJWs turned on them for offering support.
After all, she was a bigot. Of course. They're still on the attack, but Paige no longer looks at her Tumblr inbox or her URL tag because of all the vitriol. She's recovering. Blessings upon her.
The SJWs longed to purge the world of vice and sin.
And they saw corruption everywhere
except within.

Schizoidal psychopaths also attract essential psychopaths and sever characteropaths, as the former provide moral justification for the actions of the latter. In history, Marx was a schizoidal who provided justification for the genocidal actions of the psychopath Lenin and the characteropath Stalin. The schizoidals who laid the groundwork for SJW-ism paved way for the complete psychopaths who attempted to murder Paige through harassment and intimidation.
The best part? When they themselves were doxxed, one of them complained about being arrested for Internet harassment. Not a shred of conscience. Pure self-serving narcissism and psychopathy.
There's another side to this story: GamerGate and the so-called 'alternative right', or 'alt-right'.
Now, I've already distinguished the difference between a social justice activist and a social justice warrior. By now, you should understand that when I say I'm anti-SJW, I'm still a complete (egalitarian) feminist and full supporter of the Black Lives Matter movement. I'm just against the kind of schizoidal/psychopathic rhetoric and behaviour that characterises the Zamii harassers and their horrid ilk.
However, GamerGate and the alt-right have practically erased this distinction for all those who have been touched (or violated) by them.
Back in around 2007, the neoreactionary movement was founded. It was, at the beginning, an odd clique of nerds and geeks (like myself) who (unlike myself) decided that democracy was a huge sham even at its philosophical core and that we need to go back to monarchy, feudalism, traditionalism, and fascism as ways of life.
This was still an odd, but growing, clique. By 2010, it was large enough to warrant alarm from some of the libertarian and left-wing components of the blogosphere, who feared that many of their own would be lost over to this cult and dubbed it the 'Dark Enlightenment', a label which many neoreactionaries gleefully accepted.
A small clique of schizoidals isn't enough to birth a 'movement', really. A movement has to have a say in larger politics, even if only at a small scale. The neoreactionaries' main problem was that their blog posts were long-winded and hard to decipher. Their pseudo-intellectualism drove away the masses.
Enter the Alternative Right.
A few people began 'translating' neoreactionary jargon into simple, plain-English blog posts loaded with 'politically incorrect' humour laced with a bit of 4chan slang in roughly 2012. Blogs like Alternative Right and More Right were manufacturing content with speed to satisfy the needs of frustrated working-class white people everywhere.
Whereas the neoreactionaries would say 'Cathedral', the alt-right says 'SJWs' (thus abusing the term and removing the psychopathic context from it). Whereas the neoreactionaries would hide behind a thin veneer of 'human biodiversity', the alt-right outright proclaims themselves to be white nationalists. Whereas the neoreactionaries would stick their noses in books by Julius Evola and proclaim the need for authoritarianism based on an (ironically fundamentally libertarian) notion of property rights, the alt-right would throw their books away and sing songs of praise to Hitler and the KKK.
GamerGate, a ponerised movement from the start, shoved these thoughts to the forefront of online political philosophy. Those who felt disenfranchised by the SJWs had an alternative. A dangerous alternative.
Now, I have to address you as friends. Because we're up to our knees in horseshit laced with sodium hydroxide. Donald Trump's core base lies with these alt-right psychopaths. The Daily Stormer, a fucking neo-Nazi blog, for Christ's sake, has endorsed Donald Trump as their Nazi candidate.
Donald Trump has expressed support for the CIA, the NSA and their horrifying spying programme, total reinstatement of the PATRIOT Act (a.k.a. fuck you, Constitution!), mass deportation of Latinx migrants and Syrian refugees (which is already being carried out by Obama with consequences extending to motherfucking concentration camps), and a boycott of Apple for refusing to give the FBI a backdoor into every single iPhone and iPod and iPad worldwide.
Of course, Donald Trump is just a sideshow distraction, right? Right?
But he's winning.

He's winning nearly every Republican primary. The only candidate who has an agenda close to humanism and humanitarianism, Bernie Sanders, is losing most of the Democratic primaries to the psychopath Hillary Clinton.
And polls have shown that Bernie is the only person who could possibly beat Trump in any election.
In other words, we're practically doomed to a fascist future. I've analysed this in another post.
There are two more angles from which we must analyse this phenomenon: Anthroposophy and the problem-reaction-solution dialectic. The latter will be examined first.
The problem-reaction-solution dialectic is a staple of deep politics or 'conspiracy theory', having even been mentioned in a recent X-Files episode. It relies on a psychological effect called transmarginal inhibition, or 'TMI' (aptly enough) for short. The problem is the manufactured horror (such as 9/11) that sets the rest in motion. The reaction is the terrified response to the problem (such as the widespread fear after the attacks). This is where TMI comes in. The reaction is an unconditioned response to extreme violence such as terrorism that leaves its victims in a totally subjective and submissive state. Ivan Pavlov observed this first while his dogs were locked in their cages during a flood. For most of them, their careful, lengthy conditioning had been erased by the threat of drowning and they reverted back to helplessness. The ones who had been conditioned to helplessness became even more helpless and just lied there passively while the water rose. Fortunately, Ivan was there in time to drain the room, saving his dogs, but the effects were nigh-irreversible. It took months for the previously perfectly-conditioned dogs to be restored to their conditioned states. This is what the 'reaction' is. Even though we're rational animals, we're still animals. We still have instincts. Fear and submission are part of that. This is what the elites have taken advantage of.
Finally, there's the solution. The controllers introduce a highly authoritarian measure guaranteeing further consolidation of power for themselves wrapped in a populist, comforting package (c.f. the USA PATRIOT Act).
We have multiple problems running at the same time. Some objective problems include the worst unemployment since the Great Depression, a lying media, a government corrupt to the core, widespread violence from 'outside' (really CIA and FBI operations) and from the police, constant war, constant disease, and a stock market that's ever on the edge of absolute collapse. Subjective problems include mass immigration, racial tension, and 'Muslim' terrorism, as well as the 'threat' posed by encryption and private security.
The reaction is obvious. The people of reason and empathy go to Bernie Sanders to get them out of the war, out of the bankers' prison, and out of corruption. The subjective, submissive, susceptible, and psychopathic go to Donald Trump, a malignant textbook narcissist with extreme psychopathic features (such as tendencies to paedophilia and violence) who plays the race card every turn and assures the public that the problems can be removed with deportation and similar measures. And, as we've learned from Nazi Germany, the Soviet Union, and the fragmented Yugoslavia, 'deportation and similar measures' are nearly always euphemisms for genocide. Something the alt-right whole-heartedly supports, and openly as well.
That is the Final Solution of the global elite.
Annihilation of the poor. Annihilation of the disabled, of the undesirables. Annihilation of the Hispanics, of the Muslims, the blacks, the Roma the Jews the homeless. Of approximately half the world's population.
The 'useless eaters' will die, and the Thousand-Year Reich will prevail. Dear God, please let it not be so.
Anthroposophy provides necessary occult and esoteric background. In 1998 (666 x 3) e.v., a spirit came to this planet, searching for a vessel. 18 (6 + 6 + 6) years later, it has found its vessel. The spirit is Ahriman, the spirit of death, destruction, decay, and darkness, who seeks the destruction of the Spirit of Humanity and the imprisonment of the human form to matter, never to rise beyond dust. The vessel is Donald Trump, or possibly who is to come after him.
Who better to be the vessel of the Spirit of Materialism than a fascist billionaire? Who better to be his manufactured opponent than a homeopathic equivalent? Who better to be the only true opposition than an empath with pragmatic means of accomplishing real freedom (as defined by Van Parijs)?
According to both Anthroposophy and the Gnostic Fifth Way (along with many other Hermetic and Gnostic schools), we are entering the Age of the Holy Spirit, the Age of Aquarius, the Aeon of Horus, the Age of Aquarius, the Era of Freedom and Love. This entry shall be marked by cataclysm, and the cataclysm shall consist of a powerful Spirit of Opposition, Sorat, the Demon of Annihilation working through Ahriman, the Demon of Materialism to destroy humanity.
This will be our test. If we can acquire liberty, equality, and fraternity for ourselves and for others, we can transcend the negative hierarchy and be reborn as Spirits of Freedom and Love. If we cannot, we are doomed.
But still, we shall prevail…

Edit: Read the Q'uo material on the time lateral of fear and death to which our planet has been quarantined for greater understanding.


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