A vision

As I went walking amongst the trees today, I let my eyes wander from the material world into the vision of a superliminal realm not glimpsed by many.
And in this realm, I beheld two angels. One was shining with a light brighter and purer than the Sun, and who had rainbows emanating from his body in every direction, in directions that are impossible for humans to perceive. And the other had a form darker than the night in the depths of the sea, and who had the countenance of a thousand tyrants and slaughterers.
And the dark angel spoke first, with a voice like that of burnt silk, saying: 'Come with me, my child, and I shall show you power greater than you can imagine.' And with these words, I knew that he was none other than the Dragon, the Angel of Death and the Prince of the Powers of the Air.
And he showed me a vision, a vision that I had seen a thousand times before, a vision of strong, fierce men trampling down the sick and the poor, of blank-faced, dead-eyed men marching over the corpses of dozens of innocent women and children. And he showed me the fire that these men of power wielded, and it was a fire that would annihilate a third of the Earth. And he said unto me: 'Bow down before me, and I shall grant you the power over this fire. Bow down before me, and you can join this legion of men of strength. For it is hatred that purifies the spirit, and blind fury that ennobles the soul. For the weak must be extinguished and the strong must prevail, the enemy must be conquered and our good must reign.'
But the angel of light rebuked him, in a voice of fire and thunder, saying: 'Cursed are you, you son of death and darkness, for there is not one word that exits your mouth that is of the Truth!' And he showed me another vision, a vision of all the Universe, of infinite galaxies and stars, of infinite planets harbouring infinite populations, of life strange to behold, of life and world familiar, of the same radiant light penetrating every atom of existence. And he said unto me: 'There is no opposite, there is no division. For all are of One, and all have been made as One, and there shall be no disunity within. For that One is the Love and the Light of Being, and there is no other outside. Follow me, and you shall live to see a world where strife has perished and harmony envelops all there is, for all shall know that there is no death and no need for fear of death, as all is in the whole of the One Infinite Creator.' And with these words, I knew that he was the Angel of Life and the Messenger of the Universal Redeemer, outside of Whom naught exists.
And the Angel of Life reached out his hand and placed it on the head of the Angel of Death, and the Angel of Death cried out in terror and blasphemy, and began to melt into a pool of glowing light as radiant as the Angel of Life. And the Angel of Life told me: 'This is the fear of death that resides within you; this is the delusion of separateness and the rebellious child inside all that lives. It has no thought nor will of its own, but rather a blind desire to kill, steal, and destroy. But behold, it has been redeemed of itself, and it ceases to have power over you. For now you see clearly that there is none other than the One Infinite Creator, within Whom there is no division or death.'
And I was bathed in a light greater than any I had seen before, and felt the presence of every soul within my own soul, of every particle of the Universe within my own body. And the Angel departed from my sight, but he remained within me, and I within him, and both of us in All, and All within us.



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Thanks for finally writing about >Gnostiquette: A
vision <Liked it!

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