Well, what can I say? It's 2016 as of now in my part of the world.
Taking out the zero, 216 is a Kabbalistic code for God, with the 216-letter name.
As well, there's a lot of Venus (love), Mercury (knowledge), and Saturn (Demiurge) energy based on the astrological planetary conjunctions.
So esoterically, there's probably gonna be something big.
The latest Cassiopaean Session Transcript (read here) says major things are going to change too. The Wave itself may come this year!
On the other hand, it looks like TPTB are setting Trump up to win, and that could be the instigation of the global Fourth Reich, beginning in America. So there's the bad news.
I'm reading Gnosis by Boris Mouravieff to prepare for whatever is coming ahead. I just hope that we all make it through, and that we end up great on the other side.
My resolution is to throw away my character armour and build a real self.
God bless, everyone!


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