Geoism and left-libertarianism: a proposal for pan-voluntaryism

I've written and podcasted about the alt-right before, but no doubt Hillary Clinton helped bring it to wider attention with her speech last Thursday.
Unfortunately, she went after the wrong targets: instead of Richard Spencer, who openly calls for 'peaceful ethnic cleansing' of America (and even coined the term 'alternative right'), or Jared Taylor, who manipulates and misrepresents race-related statistics in his advocacy for white nationalism, or hell, even Andrew Anglin, a self-described Nazi, she went after...Milo Yiannopoulos with his trolling and Alex Jones of all people. And most bizarrely, she stated that the person controlling all of this is Vladimir Putin. (Of course, she's ultimately a neocon at heart, so she'll always find a way to antagonise Russia.)
She did get at Steve Bannon, Trump's new campaign CEO, however. It is true that Breitbart (where Bannon was chairman until recently) has open links to white supremacists, going so far as to post a video made by a white supremacist promoting the 'white genocide' meme (something else mentioned by Hillary) and blaming the refugee crisis on the Jews. (They had to do major damage control for this, saying that Jewish support for helping refugees is 'paradoxical'.)
Now, looking at alt-right figures and discussions, it's easy to see that it's a sort of coalition or big tent movement including, in the words of Greg Johnson describing the magazine that coined the term, 'race realism, White Nationalism, the European New Right, the Conservative Revolution, [radical] Traditionalism, neo-paganism, agrarianism, Third Positionism [i.e., fascism], anti-feminism, and right-wing anti-capitalists, ecologists, bioregionalists, and small-is-beautiful types.'
So there's a lot of intellectual diversity, but it mostly boils down to 'I'm white, I'm proud, and I'm angry'. That's the only central principle.

Now, why include so much time discussing the alt-right in a post titled 'Geoism and left-libertarianism: a proposal for pan-voluntaryism'?
Because pan-voluntaryism is my proposal for a counter to the alt-right.
It must be centred around two basic principles, held in balance:
  1. Society should be organised on a voluntary basis.
  2. In order for a true voluntary society to exist, there must be universal equality of opportunity.
But how will these two ideas be reconciled? Simple: I got the idea both from my friend Bob and from this blog, which is definitely going in my blogroll.
Basically, I would like to see a coalition of geolibertarians, mutualists, left-wing market anarchists, agorists, left-leaning anarcho-capitalists, left-libertarians, social minarchists, panarchists, and other anti-authoritarians who hold these two principles in common. These forces combined can produce podcasts as eloquent as Freedomain Radio, Web shows as slick as Red Ice Live, blogs as biting as The Right Stuff or as patrician as Radix Journal, and memes as viral as (((echoes))) or 'cuck'.
Come on, my friends. Together, we shall grab the Overton window and give it a tremendous shove upward toward liberty!

(Some aspects of this will be discussed in today's and tomorrow's episodes of Frequency Resonance Radio.


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