New words for a third gender in English!

Since plenty of people from cultures without a strong third-gender tradition feel that they belong to a third gender (and not just bigender or agender), I've invented two new words for people wishing to express themselves as such:
Instead of 'man' or 'woman': neiman. Derives from Old English 'náwþer', meaning, roughly, 'neutral'.
Instead of 'male' or 'female': virmale. Derives from Latin 'vir' (human) and a French corruption of Latin 'más', much in the same way that 'female' was derived from a forcing of Latin 'femella' into the mould of 'male'.
I recommend ve/ver/vis/verself pronouns. They seem to fit in with the 'vir' theme.
Anyway, happy gender exploration!

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Eva Gnostiquette

Eva Gnostiquette
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