The alt-right mind

It's basically paranoia.
I know that, based on my involvement with deep politics research, I must be a 'crazy conspiracy theorist' and I shouldn't be allowed to talk about this, but there's quite a difference between 'the government is spying on people and has major roles in terrorism' and 'everyone who looks different from me or has a suspiciously Ashkenazi-sounding name is part of a conspiracy to destroy my gene pool'.
Remember when Trump retweeted that image macro from 'WhiteGenocideTM', based in 'Jewmerica'? Believe it or not, the alt-right actually thinks that non-white immigration combined with female promiscuity is a Jewish plot to destroy the 'white race' through outbreeding and crossbreeding. These are a few of the alt-right's obsessions: white identitarianism, immigration, miscegenation, promiscuity, and Jews.
The alt-right gets its origin in two primary sources: the white nationalist wing of the paleoconservative movement and the neoreactionary movement.
The first believes itself to be the legitimate successor to the Old Right from before World War II, in contrast to the moderate social conservatism, economic cronyism, and vehemently anti-communist foreign policy that defines mainstream conservatism. Some parts of paleoconservatism also go beyond the fetishism for Western civilisation to argue that such a civilisation is only possible for the white European gene pool. This is why many alt-rightists have an obsession with crime statistics and intelligence studies, as well as 'debunking' environmental determinism and other (better) explanations. (If you're interested in refuting these claims yourself, try Francisco Gil-White's magnificent online book Resurrecting Racism.)
Neoreaction, on the other hand, believes itself to go beyond conservatism altogether; rather than wanting to return to limited Constitutional government (or the paleoconservative interpretation of such), they want to replace it altogether with monarchy, technocracy, or some other odd scheme. HBD (human biodiversity; essentially repackaged eugenics) and whatnot also play a major role in this ideology, but the main focus is on reviving archaic forms of authoritarianism.
It's also important to note that many alt-rightists transitioned to the alt-right from anarcho-capitalism, a form of libertarianism that holds that the most logical interpretation of the non-aggression principle (N.A.P.) implies anarchy. Most anarcho-capitalists are not socially reactionary, though Murray Rothbard converted to right-wing populism and racism in his last years and Hans-Hermann Hoppe has certainly done quite a bit to push some anarcho-capitalists in such a direction with his extreme anti-immigration beliefs and support for the 'physical removal' of perceived 'degenerates' from society.
The belief in Western civilisation is at the core of the alt-right; the belief in aristocracy is at the core of neoreaction. What is at the core of the alt-right?
The rejection of equality in all its forms.
One of the reasons many traditional conservatives, including secular conservatives, are pro-life is the foundational belief in the dignity of human life. To the conservative mind, hierarchies exist for the benefit of all involved; those at the top use their power to help those at the bottom and those at the bottom work in exchange. Alt-rightists do not share this view, and believe that those at the top are not obliged to do anything for those at the bottom. Wagner's words ring true for the alt-right: 'History proves that man is a beast of prey. The beast of prey conquers countries, founds great realms by subjugation of the other subjugators, forms states and organizes civilizations in order to enjoy his booty in peace…Attack and defence, suffering and struggle, victory and defeat, domination and servitude, all sealed with blood; this is the entire history of the human race…'
It is their rejection of this ideal which allows the alt-right to claim that people such as Ted Cruz are leftists or 'cuckservatives'. While to a moderate conservative or liberal eye Cruz appears to be very far to the right with his theocratic mandates and love of crony capitalism, the alt-right can dismiss him as in bed with the left simply because he believes in the concept of equality before the law.
In order to agree with the alt-right, you must believe that your ethnicity is going extinct, that you are opposed on all sides by people that hate you, and that everyone who isn't at least a civic nationalist is aiding and abetting your demise. Black people that you run into? They want to kill you and take everything you have. Mexican guys walking down the street? They're coming for your wife and kids. Two gay guys kissing? Degenerates polluting your mind and the minds of everyone around them. An Asian man and his white girlfriend? A race traitor providing evidence that whites are dying out. Your nice Jewish doctor? Member of an elite ethnicity trying to take over the world.
This sounds insane. That's because it is. Doesn't preclude the alt-right from believing it.
I've talked to people who believe in shapeshifting reptilians who are not as paranoid or crazy as alt-rightists. Most people willing to believe in shapeshifting reptilians are also willing to admit they may be wrong; this is not true of the alt-right, who buy into racialist pseudoscience entirely. Worse, they tend to be rather skilled in rhetoric, so that when an unsuspecting person reacts to their racism by saying 'What the fuck are you talking about, you fucking racist?' they can use infographs and rhetoric to make it look like they're fact-based and rational when the data they're using is wildly inaccurate and subject to misinterpretation.
To the alt-right, it's a scary, dark world outside of their basements. Everyone is plotting against them. Every look at a woman, a black person, a trans person confirms this to them. Their idea of the 'red pill' precludes them from changing their beliefs until they take a long, hard look at them.
Of course, the real red pill is being able to change your beliefs based on new evidence and not shoehorn the evidence into your ideology.

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This is a new weekly feature of the blog; I got the inspiration for it from Slate Star Codex.

The space probe Rosetta, launched on 2 March 2004 e.v., completed its mission after 12 years, 6 months, 28 days, 3 hours, and 22 minutes by gently crashing into its target, Comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko. Its final signals reached our planet Tellus exactly 5 hours and 5 minutes ago.

Apparently there has been a wave of monster clowns terrorising America, although many of them turned out just to be hoaxes.

Today is International Podcast Day. Speaking of which, why not listen to Frequency Resonance Radio today?
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Contrary to what the mainstream media might tell you, Pepe the Frog is not a Nazi. (The apology and retraction at the top of that page is wrong.)
Nevertheless, the Anti-Defamation League has designated him a hate symbol, the second time this year they've added a new symbol to their database (the first time was the (((echo))) parentheses).
However, as both the ADL and NPR have pointed out, Pepe is not exclusively a white nationalist symbol, and is truly a genuine-purpose meme. (I have several rare dank Pepes on my hard drive as I write this.)
Matt Furie, Pepe's creator, has announced that Pepe's association with racism is just a phase and that he's voting for Clinton.
The strangest thing of all is that there is now a religion centred around the meme called the Cult of Kek. (I'm assuming they're using the word 'cult' in its original sense of 'practice in honour of a deity' rather than its current meaning of 'destructive brainwashing group'.) It has something to do with the Egyptian god of darkness Kek and the practice of making an egregore with meme-based chaos magic (meme magic), as well as the song (and magical formula) 'Shadilay'. Perhaps this means that the Aeon of Horus is over, and has been replaced by the Aeon of Kek. And no longer is the Word 'Abrahadabra', but now 'Shadilay'. (I just wonder now who will be Ankh-af-na-Kek, or perhaps Akhenkek.)

Sadly, one of the finest television series currently airing, Adventure Time, is going to end in 2018.
However, one of the finest television series ever aired, Twin Peaks, is returning as a limited series in 2017.

My website is about to go live very soon.

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Geoism and left-libertarianism: a proposal for pan-voluntaryism

I've written and podcasted about the alt-right before, but no doubt Hillary Clinton helped bring it to wider attention with her speech last Thursday.
Unfortunately, she went after the wrong targets: instead of Richard Spencer, who openly calls for 'peaceful ethnic cleansing' of America (and even coined the term 'alternative right'), or Jared Taylor, who manipulates and misrepresents race-related statistics in his advocacy for white nationalism, or hell, even Andrew Anglin, a self-described Nazi, she went after...Milo Yiannopoulos with his trolling and Alex Jones of all people. And most bizarrely, she stated that the person controlling all of this is Vladimir Putin. (Of course, she's ultimately a neocon at heart, so she'll always find a way to antagonise Russia.)
She did get at Steve Bannon, Trump's new campaign CEO, however. It is true that Breitbart (where Bannon was chairman until recently) has open links to white supremacists, going so far as to post a video made by a white supremacist promoting the 'white genocide' meme (something else mentioned by Hillary) and blaming the refugee crisis on the Jews. (They had to do major damage control for this, saying that Jewish support for helping refugees is 'paradoxical'.)
Now, looking at alt-right figures and discussions, it's easy to see that it's a sort of coalition or big tent movement including, in the words of Greg Johnson describing the magazine that coined the term, 'race realism, White Nationalism, the European New Right, the Conservative Revolution, [radical] Traditionalism, neo-paganism, agrarianism, Third Positionism [i.e., fascism], anti-feminism, and right-wing anti-capitalists, ecologists, bioregionalists, and small-is-beautiful types.'
So there's a lot of intellectual diversity, but it mostly boils down to 'I'm white, I'm proud, and I'm angry'. That's the only central principle.

Now, why include so much time discussing the alt-right in a post titled 'Geoism and left-libertarianism: a proposal for pan-voluntaryism'?
Because pan-voluntaryism is my proposal for a counter to the alt-right.
It must be centred around two basic principles, held in balance:
  1. Society should be organised on a voluntary basis.
  2. In order for a true voluntary society to exist, there must be universal equality of opportunity.
But how will these two ideas be reconciled? Simple: I got the idea both from my friend Bob and from this blog, which is definitely going in my blogroll.
Basically, I would like to see a coalition of geolibertarians, mutualists, left-wing market anarchists, agorists, left-leaning anarcho-capitalists, left-libertarians, social minarchists, panarchists, and other anti-authoritarians who hold these two principles in common. These forces combined can produce podcasts as eloquent as Freedomain Radio, Web shows as slick as Red Ice Live, blogs as biting as The Right Stuff or as patrician as Radix Journal, and memes as viral as (((echoes))) or 'cuck'.
Come on, my friends. Together, we shall grab the Overton window and give it a tremendous shove upward toward liberty!

(Some aspects of this will be discussed in today's and tomorrow's episodes of Frequency Resonance Radio.

My podcast finally has a home!

My podcast, Frequency Resonance Radio, is now available on! is an amazing platform and I heartily recommend it to anyone looking for a decent place to host a podcast. A free account allows you to upload up to 2000 MB worth of audio in MP3 format per week.
I have submitted FRR to both iTunes and Google Play. It ought to be up at some time soon.

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